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Why exactly Sweet Art?


Our specialization is the creation of unique celebrations:

weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, children's birthdays.

Sweet Art Event Agency

With love

A team of professionals who adore their work: creator, event manager, decorator, coordinator, presenter, designer, marketer. And a large number of trusted partners. Each event for us is small and life! During our 15 years of activity, we have lived hundreds of happy lives. We constantly improve our qualifications, follow the trends and develop. We generate original ideas, think through every detail, save our time and money, create bright emotions!

Emotions of our clients



I want to thank you for a wonderful evening, everyone is very satisfied. Thanks a lot!!!!!



I want to thank the best agency Sweet Art for an unforgettable hen-party! The perfectly selected program, a clear and planned to the smallest detail schedule, sensitive execution of all wishes plunged me into the real atmosphere of the last “single” party! Thank you, dear Sweet Art team!

Children's holidays:

Irina Ivanova

I want to express my deep gratitude to SweetArt for organizing birthdays for my children. The task was complicated by the fact that my children have a birthdays on the same day, and they have different ages, which means they have different interests. So we had to spend two completely different birthdays on the same day! But Sweet Art agency, as always, managed to organize two very bright holidays! What we just didn’t have! And horseback riding, and a flashmob, and a quest, and a disco, and a paper show! The venue was offered quite unusual. The daughter was delighted! And what an amazing biorobot show was organized for my son! Everything from catering to decor was on top. And all this thanks to the amazing and friendly team of SweetArt agency. I want to express special gratitude to Svetlana Anatolyevna, creative, smart and just beautiful mistress of all this magic. Thank you so much for the holiday !!

Children's holidays:

Irina Pavlichenko-Yanovskaya

Girls, thank you very much for the excellently organized Birthday for Nikita!
Beautiful themed decor! All guests and the birthday boy are delighted with the holiday program you have prepared. Everything, as they told me – you are real magicians!

Children's holidays:


Everything went perfectly, thank you very much. The team worked with a bang. The children were happy, they were constantly entertained. Keep it up!



Great work оf sweet-art team!!!! Very colorful, fun, professionally held New Year’s corporate event !!! We got a lot of positive and New Year’s mood for all holidays !!! Thanks a lot!!! We hope for further fruitful cooperation !!!



Sweet Art is the best team. My daughter’s birthday was celebrated, the children were just happy, and their parents too. Everything was on the top. Very fun, beautiful and colorful. As our daughter said, this is the BEST birthday! Thanks to the SWEET-ART team. You are best!!!!!!!!!!


Alena Kassiyan

This was amazing! No worries! Only 2 people dedicated themselves to each other. Thank you for organizing and giving me the opportunity not think about anyone or anything. And just enjoy us!

Children's holidays:

Olga Azarova

Thank you, Sweet Art, for a beautifully organized birthday for my daughter! Especially when you consider that you were able to organize everything it so quickly. Everything went fine! You have an amazing team!



Good afternoon, dear SWEETART!
Our family is very grateful to you.
Thank you very much for your professionalism and sincerity. You are the great team. The decor of our wedding was much better than I even imagined. Thanks to Elena, who so sensitively conveyed everything from paper to reality. We were not mistaken with the choice of your organization. Thank you for being a part of our day.
I advise you all!
See you next holiday.
I wish you creative success and the best customers!



Thank you very much for Lyudochka! Creative approach, taking into account all our wishes, complete information about the preparation process, information for the client about all changes! We made the right choice of agency. The holiday was held without surprises and overlays.
Success and prosperity! Alona & Marco



It was very pleasant and constructive work with agency team at the preparation stage. We understood each other perfectly and we succeeded. The holiday was wonderful; everything was perfectly organized, without the slightest delay or malfunction. Lyudmila and Alice were at their best, masterfully conducting the process. Thank you very much for the evening, the guests are delighted, the birthday man is happy. For which, in fact, we fought).


Anglo-Eastern Ukraine

Thank you all again for your work! Everything was well thought out and organized. You are just great!
Good luck and have a new creative ideas.

Children's holidays:


Svetochka, I want to thank you for our holiday! Everything worked great! The program, decor … Everything is clear and important – in such a short time and wishes on the budget. Thank you for helping out. Both the child and guests received a lot of pleasure! Special thanks to the Limoncello team !!! Parents definitely took note of this restaurant))



Everything was great! Thanks to Elena. At the wedding we have no worries, had fun from the heart. They took into account all our wishes, helped with everything and paid maximum attention.



Thanks a lot to the agency and organizer Elena. Everything was done very high quality, the design of the hall, tables – everything as we agreed. Attentive to all our wishes, they helped with the choice of a leader who managed to conquer all the guests)
We were satisfied, we recommend)



We would like to thank Elena for the excellent organization of our wedding. This the most important day for our family, Elena and her team turned into a real fairy tale. Everything was done very professionally and at the highest level. There was not a single second for something to go wrong, there were all our wishes and possibilities are taken into account, down to the smallest detail. It is very pleasant to deal with people who are passionate about their work. Our family will remember this happy day forever. Thank you !!! Good luck and prosperity! We will recommend you all as the agency of high level!



We turned to the Sweet Art team for decorating of our wedding and we are very pleased with their work. All communications took place due deadlines, all issues were resolved promptly. We sincerely recommend a real team of professionals. Thank you very much.



I want to thank «Sweet Art» team for the excellent organization of the celebrations. You can safely entrust the holiday to them and be sure that everything will go perfectly! People who work in this team do not just work, but live it and put love and soul into it, give joy and leave a positive attitude even after the holiday. They can do any task! Both adults and children are delighted. 《Sweet Art》 are able to create the right atmosphere, are always attentive to my wishes and are full of new ideas. My guests and I receive only good impressions, with a smile we remember every my birthday party. Always beautiful, bright, easy, fun and at a high level. Professionals! I highly recommend these girls for a wonderful holiday. Svetlana, Liudmia, THANKS A LOT! I wish you success and prosperity! And you already have satisfied customers!

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Provence-style wedding in Odessa with Sweet-art: romance and tenderness in every detail

The day when two loving hearts are combined in a marriage must definitely become special and be remembered by everyone who will be present at the celebration. This means that the organization’s issues should be taken with great seriousness and imagination. Today it is very popular to arrange themed weddings. Wedding Provence (Odessa) – this is exactly what is worth your attention.

The features of this style include simplicity, naturalness of colors and materials, as well as a special attitude to details, such as shades, patterns, smells. Such an event is sure to give everyone an unforgettable experience and ease. And the newlyweds will remember him as the most tender, romantic and warmest day in the atmosphere of the event in their life together.

About the most important thing

There are several basic principles that can be called stylistic features of events that are held in the style of Provence:

Use in decor only natural materials, textures and colors;

In the spirit of Provence there is always fresh air, natural greens and flowers, so a wedding in the Provence style at the sea for Odessa is the very thing;

A minimum of complexity and ceremonial, everything should take place in a friendly atmosphere, but aristocratic;

It is advisable to choose French cuisine for the menu, light salads and snacks, delicate cakes and fruits will look and taste very well;

In the design of the site or the hall, it is necessary to use vintage things, wicker furniture and the like;

Lavender is what personifies this French province and direction in general.

The most optimal color solutions for such a celebration are all dull and natural. Decks in light green, blue, turquoise or violet colors are perfect. Of course, what has to do with lavender or purple is all Provence style.

Regarding where to celebrate, it is a street, lawn or beach. You can also in the indoor pavilion or restaurant hall, but you should try very hard to create the right mood. It is worth considering the option of renting a country house – it is expensive, tasteful, but will be remembered for a lifetime. Canopies and tents will look harmonious, where you can organize recreation areas, feasts and the like.

It’s especially worthwhile to think over the whole wedding ceremony. In addition, it is necessary and necessary to use fresh flowers and plants in the design of the arch. The most harmonious are lavender and wildflowers.

Regarding furniture, it is worth using natural textures – wood, metal, vine. It would be nice to decorate the table with bouquets of flowers and various antiques (for example, candlesticks).

Another attribute that no wedding can do without is a wedding car. If you really try and want, you can find a retro car. Decorate it is unobtrusive, modest, but stylish – satin ribbons and lavender bouquets will be just right.

There are a few mandatory points that can not be overlooked:

Professional photographer and stylistically identical photo zone. Not a single wedding will cost a lot in any way without a photographer, but the area where guests and heroes of the occasion themselves can be beautifully captured – this is only becoming fashionable;

Solemn banquet. It is better if all guests sit at one common table – this will give comfort, unite and make the evening more intimate. As for the treats, as mentioned earlier, it is better to give preference to French cuisine, but without frills. All dishes should be tasty, light, beautiful and simple. It is worth choosing from appetizers, seafood and salads. A special place at a wedding is always occupied by a cake, and in the Provencal style it must be made in light natural colors and decorated with floral elements;

Entertainment and leisure activities invited. It is worthwhile to establish a certain balance between noisy fun and secluded conversations. This means that you need to provide enough space for guests to dance, play and have fun while the other half are talking peacefully in a secluded corner. All this will carry the invitees to the past centuries and make us peacefully talk about happiness, love and, of course, about the newlyweds.

The preparations will affect the outfits of the heroes of the occasion and their guests. It is worth choosing everything classic – strict lines for the groom and feminine slightly naive outfits for the bride. As a tribute to the past, you can invite several best men for the groom and as a pair of them as many bridesmaids. Dressing up girlfriends and best men is in the same style, it will be more interesting and more romantic. Guests themselves should also choose clothes of light colors and classic silhouettes.

And in order to have a visual aid, how a wedding in the Provence style should be arranged in Odessa – the photo for this is the best guide. In addition, this will help not to make mistakes.

Good result for sure

And if you do not want to make mistakes completely, then you should invite professionals. And for this you need to call us at the Sweet-art event agency and let us take everything into our own hands. We know how to arrange everything, what is needed for this, and even what emotions all of you will cause.

The bride will be charmed, the groom is shocked and pleasantly surprised, and the guests are amazed by the magnificence – this is an almost accurate description of our result, which is quite real for you. And for this you only need to leave an online application on the official website or call the number that you find on the page.

Let's meet

Профессиональная организация праздников в Одессе

Каждый праздник – это яркое событие с улыбками и теплыми объятиями, вкусной едой, душевной компанией. Sweet Аrt - это ивент агентство в Одессе, которое знает, как со вкусом организовать ваш праздник. Опираясь на опыт работы в сфере проведений торжеств, мы предлагаем организацию мероприятий любого масштаба. Предлагаем несколько вариантов банкетных залов с музыкальным и осветительным оборудованием, размер помещения будет зависеть от количества гостей. Предложим массу интересных праздничных декоров, соответствующих тематике мероприятия.

Ваше любимое ивент агентство в Одессе

Каждый праздник – это маленькая жизнь с яркими эмоциями и теплом.

Аренда и изготовление декора

Свадьбы и корпоративы – это особенные события, которые могут быть организованы в разных стилях. Для оформления праздника используем текстиль и коктейльные столы, банкетную мебель, вазы, подсвечники, зеркала, чехлы на стулья, костюмы и маски, свадебные арки, организовываем выездную роспись.
Клиент может выбрать интересующий вид декора. Дизайнеры и декораторы готовы помочь с выбором, и предложить интересные детали

Составим праздничное меню

Основа праздника – банкет с вкусными блюдами, закусками и напитками. Расскажите, что любите вы и ваши гости, и мы подберем лучшие угощения и напитки.

Сценарий праздника

Продумываем праздник до мелочей – куда поставить цветы, как комфортно разместить гостей, последовательность подачи блюд, праздничная программа с ведущим или детским аниматором. Выбирая наше ивент агентство в Одессе, вы останетесь довольны праздником и будете тепло вспоминать его еще долгое время.

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