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Baby Shower is a holiday that gains more and more popularity in our country. The essence of the event is a fun party for future parents in the circle of the closest and dearest people in honor of the future birth of the baby.

The tradition of inviting guests in order to share the joy of family happiness, the manifestation of sincere parental love for the future child originated in the United States of America and increasingly loved by Ukrainians.

Sweet Art Event Agency organizes the Baby Shower celebration in Odessa, observing all the important points and the distinctive features of the event and guaranteeing a friendly, fun and happy atmosphere.

The main traditions of the holiday

Organized by our team the baby shower in Odessa is a guarantee of observing all the important traditional moments of the event. To conduct such an unusual holiday, one should take into account the following features:

You can create a festive atmosphere for a pregnant woman and her family at any convenient time. The most common and practical period of the celebration is after 30 weeks of pregnancy.

Mandatory participants in the event will be guests who bring interesting original gifts – toys and necessary things for the future child and other beautiful little things.

Baby show is an original and fun party, where guests are invited to participate in funny contests and have fun from the heart. Special attention is paid to the organization of competitions and entertainment for children – a children’s program is prepared separately, taking into account their age category.

The venue is decorated with themed décor.

Necessarily memorable gifts are presented to each guest of the event – creative and unusual activity will further raise the mood of family friends and allow you to remember exactly a visit to such an unusual party.

How does the baby-shower Sweet Art Event Agency organize?

Our team does their best to organize the baby shower in Odessa at the highest level, fun and unforgettable.

Comprehensive preparation for the holiday from our specialists includes the following stages and actions:

Determining the theme of the party – suggestions for this will depend on the gestational age, sex of the future baby and personal wishes and preferences of mom and her loved ones.

The choice and decoration in the appropriate room concept – the creation of a festive atmosphere is provided using multi-colored balloons, ribbons, and other children’s decorations. An excellent option for holding a party will be its design in the style of a cartoon or a fairy tale, depending on the gender of the child. The place for the future parents will be singled out in a special way and carefully decorated.

Guests also prepare special memorable invitation and memorable original gifts – small souvenirs, delicious presents and pleasant little things.

Development and preparation of a special menu.

Funny and extraordinary entertainment is like ridiculous children’s competitions for all guests. The features of the program are determined by the general concept of the holiday and the theme of the party.

Sweet Art experts will create a festive event specifically for you and make it unforgettable and as pleasant as possible, unusual and fun!

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