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Wedding arch in Odessa

Wedding arch (Odessa), the price of which depends on the complexity of the configuration and the materials used, will long remain in your memories and photos from the celebration. For this reason, it is worth paying special attention to the issue of decorating an element. Decoration of wedding arches is one of the areas of specialization of Sweet-art. The service order is available both individually and as part of the organization of a solemn ceremony of marriage.

Varieties of designs

The trend of using such instructions at a wedding event came to us from the West. Today, without this element, it is difficult to imagine a modern exit painting. Arched constructions symbolize the gateway to a new life that begins with the newlyweds immediately after the ritual of exchanging rings. The element embodies well-being, family happiness, change. The beauty of the accessory promises happiness in marriage.

The following geometric shapes are available for selection:

rectangular tent with 4 supporting elements;

U-shaped design;

heart-shaped product;

semicircle in the shape of a horseshoe.

The accessory allows you to create an atmosphere of exclusivity solemn registration of marriage, while performing a practical role – an excellent area for photos. The material of the frame is carved plywood, flexible rods, wire, metal, plastic. Such a support is as reliable and stable as possible. When choosing a suitable design decor, you need to consider the style of the celebration. The wedding arch in Odessa will help create the feeling of a real fairy tale.

Accessory design options are selected individually:

textile draperies;

satin ribbons and bows;


floristic compositions: live or artificial.

The result of the work of our specialists is a spectacular decoration that organically complements the overall concept of the ceremony. We are able to realize the most ambitious ideas in this area – only your budget is a limitation. Classic or more modern format – the choice of decor option is yours.

Rent an arch for a wedding

Hire a wedding arch (Odessa) allows you to complement the design of the wedding with an effective element – the center of the composition. This design is in demand during the on-site painting and wedding banquet. To rent an option of interest, you will need to select the appropriate model from the catalog and place an application on the website or by phone.

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