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Wedding bouquets in Odessa – registration, price

A bouquet for the bride (Odessa) is an indispensable attribute of any wedding celebration. The original composition will be the final touch to the image of the bride.

We work with reliable suppliers of plants, and therefore we can offer you the design of high-quality floral arrangements at affordable prices. For the preparation of bouquets, only fresh flowers are used, which will retain their original beauty until the very end of the ceremony and will look spectacular in pictures.

How to make a bouquet for the bride

Wedding bouquets (Odessa) must meet a number of parameters:

color scheme – it matters both the bride’s outfit and her makeup, the groom’s suit;

the form of a design from flowers is selected individually, classic round or cone-shaped, cascading options are available;

plant aroma should be soft and unobtrusive, not too pronounced;

accessory weight – determines the convenience for the bride during a gala event.

The composition could be made according to the chosen sample from the catalog. Experienced florists are also ready to realize any of your ideas, having achieved maximum compliance with the wishes of the client.

Various flowers can be used to compose compositions: chrysanthemums, lilies of the valley, peonies, roses, gerberas, etc. The traditional restrictions on the selection of suitable plant species are no longer relevant. You can use almost any buds you like, given the above criteria. Given the season, florists will offer a thoughtful combination of plant varieties.

Specialists are able to create custom-made compositions of almost any form:

bouquets on the stems – they look as natural as possible, the buds do not undergo strong changes;

classical hemisphere – the most popular and versatile option;

ball – the original form, hung on the arm with a tape or fixed on the handle, a durable option;

drop-shaped – has an elongated vertical shape, looks voluminous, but it weighs a little;

in the form of a rod – is formed on the basis of long vertical plants, a convenient format for wearing throughout the day.

Of great importance is the seasonality of plants. Wedding events often take place in the hot season, so it is important that the buds do not wither prematurely. A luxurious dress with many decorative details will organically complement a modest bouquet, while exotic plants in the hands of a bride and groom will be more suitable for a laconic dress.

Where to order a wedding bouquet?

Wedding bouquets (Odessa), the prices for which are formed under the influence of several factors, should be suitable for the bride and groom and the overall style of the holiday. The choice of accessory takes an important place in the process of preparing for the celebration. The right decision will be to order a flower arrangement from real professionals in their field. Specialists will take on the task of arranging the elements of the accessory, trying to achieve maximum harmony in color to the outfits and the design of the hall at the banquet.

You can order a stylish bouquet for the bride, photos of samples of which are given on the site, with us. Experienced florists will make the perfect composition that best meets your tastes, dress and style of the celebration. An individually selected wedding bouquet, including only fresh buds, can easily withstand the long hours of the wedding ceremony and retain its pristine appeal until the evening.

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