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A wedding in the Ukrainian style is an aesthetic and memorable celebration. It is filled with traditions and a special touch. From time immemorial, our people have been very deep and romantic, this is reflected in the traditions. Rituals can be perky, but touching, ancient rites and customs of ancestors help to recreate the atmosphere of unity of lovers!

Ukrainian wedding in Odessa is one of our favorite areas of activity. We are convinced that preparation should be thorough and thorough, as every little thing “decides”. The entertaining program of this event not only helps to give guests a good mood, but shapes the fate of the newlyweds for many years to come!

Why should you trust the organization to professionals?

National color is very deep. It contains traditions with customs, amazing music. Folklore motifs make the celebration memorable and colorful. In order for the holiday to go flawlessly, you need several components:

Deep thorough study of the topic.

Understanding Ukrainian culture.


Ability to translate ideas into reality.

Ukrainian culture is generous with emotions. Her hearty cuisine, colorful outfits, fun dances with games will be an ideal starting point in family life. The wedding in the Ukrainian style in Odessa in our performance is the task that it is important to entrust to specialists with practical experience. To create a good script, you need to understand the topic from the inside. Only in this way is a characteristic national atmosphere born.

Event agency experts are familiar with life, understand the Ukrainian people, pay attention to traditional cuisine and rituals. Every detail is fundamental so that the style is 100% sustained.

We know everything about Ukrainian traditional weddings!

Themed weddings are a special direction in our activities. Professionals who invest their strength and soul work on each project. This is the only way to bring to life the atmosphere of national festivities, when every tradition is taken into account and respected.

We calculate every step, and the newlyweds can make their wishes and corrections:

Choosing a venue.

Selection of worthy leaders, musicians.

The right outfit of the bride, in harmony with the general mood. The Ukrainian dress is tender, showing the purity of the bride and her love for her chosen one. And what amazing ornaments on it! The same applies to the groom with an embroidered shirt and harem pants as the most striking element of the costume. We will help with this issue.

Making a wedding in the Ukrainian style is the task of competent decorators, starting with the bride’s place of residence, ending with all the other marks on the wedding company’s map! Warm colors, folk instruments, clay pots, ribbons, flowers, wreaths, embroidered tablecloths …

Keeping the covenants of Ukrainian cuisine!

Preparation of relevant thematic contests.

Who will suit the wedding in the Ukrainian style?

Based on a wealth of practical experience, we can confidently say that such a celebration is universal, as it is the quintessence of happiness, mischief, fun! Today it is again important to love your homeland, to honor its past, to return to the roots. It is exciting and beautiful!

Wedding ceremonies of our people are focused on family values, purity of love, fidelity. They meet interesting images: a loaf as a symbol of the birth of children, a loach, a tree branch demonstrating the purity of the bride, a towel, a symbol of the fate of a couple …

This design is suitable for you if:

You are looking for something bright and unusual.

The wedding should be fun and memorable to all participants.

You strive to get interesting videos and photos from the event.

You love your country and its history!

If you are interested in everything to go flawlessly, just pass this task to us, and we will do everything the way for ourselves and even better!

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