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The morning of the bride proceeds the long wedding day. This is like the first touch to the picture – a light and confident stroke of the master’s brush, drawing the contours of the future work on the canvas. So, our task is to make this moment a wonderful start to the whole wedding celebration.

What should be the morning of the bride, how to prepare it? We share our secrets right now.

Where to spend the morning: choose what is closer to you

Our mothers did not have to think about where to go to the registry office with the groom. They collected the bride and groom at home, and this also had its advantages. Modern girls are practically unlimited in variety of options. Therefore, to start your wedding morning, you can choose:

– a cozy, beloved home;

– a beautiful, romantic hotel room;

– An original, stylish photo studio.

Home is the most budget way. Also the bride feels more confident, more relaxed – as they say, “the walls of the house help.” You don’t need to get up earlier, go somewhere, and take care of the delivery of things in advance.

And the photo session planned for the bride’s morning will turn out to be more chamber, home, laid-back, native. The main thing is to make sure that there is enough lighting and space so as not to get a sea of ​​discontent from the photographer and unsuccessful pictures in the end. You need a spacious room with large windows and bright – in no case green! – wallpaper.

A great option to create a cozy atmosphere is a country house. If the wedding is scheduled for spring / summer / autumn, start the morning outdoors – fresh air, a feeling of spaciousness will create a unique mood for the whole day.

A hotel room gives an additional advantage – the opportunity for lovers to be alone, to concentrate on each other, not to be distracted by domestic and usual fuss. An equally important nuance is the atmosphere. Agree, not every room is comparable in terms of elegance to hotel suites. Remember the view from the window – it is also important if you decide to capture the bride’s morning, and the photo shoot is planned to be gorgeous.

Photo studio is a lifesaver with all possible difficulties. Bad weather, cramped apartment, lack of a suitable room – all these risks are removed by renting a specially equipped room. The photo studio is ideally prepared for shooting, which means you don’t have to worry about lighting, furniture, decoration, props.

Another valuable advantage is the ability to organize photography with friends and family, since usually this allows space. And to organize a light breakfast for the company of guests, if desired, is not a problem.

Correct timing: schedule events

On the most important morning of your life, you would like to rush around the apartment in search of shoes, worry about the late makeup artist, or – even worse! – get nervous on the road, lingering on the way to the registry office? If your answer is no, then definitely not underestimate the power of planning.

Long before the wedding day comes, draw up its schedule. Most likely, the list of key events will include:

Breakfast and hygiene;

Arrival of a makeup artist and stylist, creating a wedding image;

Boudoir photography (if agreed);

Meeting the groom (with or without a ransom).

It is important to correctly distribute the time between these events and have a correct idea of ​​their duration. So, you can plan an hour for breakfast and shower, but the preparation of hairstyles and makeup will obviously continue about three times as much. At the same time, photo and video shooting can be conducted.

It is most appropriate to invite the photographer at about the last hour of preparing so that he can capture the application of makeup, fitting dresses and shoes, hugs with relatives, the arrival of the bride and groom.

Be sure to pre-arrange the time of the meeting with all participants in the wedding morning. Make sure they know and remember what time you should be fully prepared and when – to arrive at the registry office. Add at least some time “in reserve” – in case something unexpected happens.

Morning is made up of little things: consider the details

So that the bride’s gatherings go without a hitch, take care of them the day before. The dress should be steamed, the shoes should stand in the most visible place, the earrings and other jewelry should be at hand. It is not out of place to think over the question of what you will need to take with you: for example, a passport, a pocket mirror, a phone. Ask the witness to grab handkerchiefs, wet wipes, headache pills, tape, spare stockings, and other essential items.

We should also mention accessories for boudoir photography: shoes, perfume, bouquet, clutch bag, rings, garter. Prepare their set well in advance. Typically, the photographer immediately asks about what interesting and beautiful props he can take for a wedding arrangement. Such shots have already become traditional, but, despite this, they always turn out to be special and reflect the unique style of the couple.

When collecting accessories, do not forget about … an elegant hanger. Indeed, otherwise, a photograph with a wedding dress runs the risk of being completely imperfect. The wardrobe, no doubt, will be on top – but the whole frame will be ruined by old or ugly plastic coat hanger.

And of course, any specialist will additionally ask you to provide the necessary conditions for work. Sometimes even such a thing as natural light from a window is crucial for a stylist.

And finally …

Every girl wants to have a perfect wedding day. So that the first dance turns out to be magical, the cake is delicious, and the guests are absolutely delighted. But experience suggests that this does not always happen. And a well-thought-out event organized in a matter of minutes turns into chaos due to forgotten rings or other surprises.

Therefore, I would like to wish you, dear brides, that your day begins as true magic. And let no obstacles get in the way of this wonderful fairy tale!

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